What is the Cost of the Flight Attendant Training Program and What Does it Cover?

Tuition is $1895 and includes your private hotel room, and meals during class each day.

If you live nearby and do not need a hotel room, we will deduct $300 from your tuition.

The hotel (Marriot) is located at the Greensboro International Airport.

Do You Have a Payment Plan?

Yes. You can check out our financing options here

When you apply for financing using the link above, make sure to add some extra for:

  • Round Trip Airline flight to Greensboro North Carolina.
  • Dinners while attending class for 5 days.
  • A nice outfit to wear for your interview in our class by an airline rep. (Many of our students are hired by the airlines that come to our class!)

If you have any questions, please call our team at 336-949-3007 right away.

How Long is the Class?

Our program consists of 2 weeks of distance learning (home study) and 5 days in class at the Greensboro International Airport in Greensboro, NC.


Any training that is lengthier will be teaching you things you do not need in order to become a Flight Attendant, such as booking cruises and learning airline reservations systems – Flight Attendants NEVER do those things!

Will this Training Certify Me for the Airlines?

Each airline is required by the FAA to conduct their own training at which time you will be instructed on their policies, and our class will prepare you to pass any airline’s training with confidence!

We will teach you the industry standards which all flight attendants need to learn, regardless of the airline you choose, to prepare you for employment.

We teach our classes at Triad Aviation Academy, which is an FAA approved school. 

Do You Guarantee a Job After I Graduate?  

While no school can guarantee a job, airline recruiters regularly attend our classes to interview our students.

We do have a 90% success rate of our students who actively pursue the career.

We will train you to the highest level possible and spend a great deal of time on interview preparation before you will meet with the airline recruiters.

We also offer placement assistance for our graduates if they desire additional interviews, and we have access to over 30 airline recruiters.

After you have completed your training, our staff will continue to follow your progress and assist you as needed.


Is it Required that I Attend Your School Before I Get Hired by an Airline?  

Even though it is not a requirement to attend school before sending in your flight attendant application, you are wise to receive preparation prior to applying; the airline interview is more like an audition than a typical job interview.

Airlines receive thousands of resumes a year and fewer than 5% of those actually get hired, but our students have a 90% placement rate for students who actively pursue the career.

Additionally, most airlines have a very high failure rate during training due to inexperience and lack of preparation.  

Completing our Flight Attendant Career Training will put you at the top of the Airlines’ potential hire list, because they trust that our curriculum and training develops the best prospective flight attendants.

We train you to airline standards and prepare you to secure a job at the end of the course – we bring the airline recruiters to you!


What is the Flight Attendant Training program Program About?

The Flight Attendant Training program is designed to prepare you for the tough interview all airlines conduct when searching for professionals to join their team.

There are a limited number of these exciting opportunities available and history has shown that the applicants with the right attitude, poise, knowledge of the work environment, and an appreciation for the exact skill sets required, are the most likely to get the second and final interview.

We provide you with the necessary information to help you pass the changeling airline training.

Airline Recruiters are invited to our classes to provide opportunities for onsite interviews.


Why is this Training Different from Others?

Our instructors are former and current Flight Attendants with over 60 years of combined experience.

Students don’t have to share a hotel room – everyone gets their own private room!

We introduce you to the world of corporate flight attendants. (No other training programs offer this)

You get to tour a real aircraft, not a cabin trainer.

We have an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau.

And, we have been featured on CNN, Fox News, National Geographic, The Aviators, NPR, NY Times and ABC Evening News.


Where and When?

Classes are held monthly at Piedmont International Airport in Greensboro, NC.

Are you ready to become a Flight Attendant?