About Us

Wendy StaffordWendy Stafford has been a Flight Attendant with Delta Air Lines, Eastern Airlines and AirTran Airways. 

Her love for the job started when she was age 4, watching a children’s television show featuring a Flight Attendant. 

She never deviated from her dream of wearing the snappy uniform and the having adventures all over the world as a Flight Attendant, and soon after college, she realized that goal.

She has since traveled all over the world; flown to St. Thomas for a day of shopping, to New York for dinner and a show; seen historical and ancient sites in Europe, the green fields of Ireland, volcanoes in Hawaii and gotten an aerial view of the Grand Canyon.

She has enjoyed ski layovers in Portland, sightseeing in San Francisco and tanning on the beaches of the Caribbean.

Along with all the travel you get to meet a lot of people – famous musicians, White House press teams, many athletic teams and scores of celebrities.

There is simply no other career in the world like this one! 

If you don’t like routine and want to see the world, this is definitely the career for you!

While based in Florida the idea came to her that it could be a good idea to help others to obtain their dream of becoming Flight Attendants too. 

She collaborated with numerous airlines and put a program together that has successfully helped thousands of aspiring Flight Attendants to achieve their career goals.

Her program has been featured on CNN, The Aviators, National Geographic, Fox and Friends, in and the Daily Buzz, & The Evening News with Diane Sawyer.

She has been widely quoted, including comments in the best-selling book “Flying High – How JetBlue Founder and CEO David Neeleman Beats the Competition” by James Wynbrandt, and “In the Event of a Water Landing” by Michael G. Walling and interviewed in the New York Times and NPR. Upon leaving Florida and relocating to Greensboro, Wendy brought the idea of having the same kind of program to GSO. 

She teamed up with master marketer Bruce McCall, president and CEO of Triad Aviation Academy, and a new, improved blended program was born. 

Wendy is now the Executive Director of Triad Aviation Academy’s Flight Attendant Training Academy. 

Are YOU ready to achieve your dream career?