About Us


Bruce McCall has been involved in aviation since 1986 when he built his first ultralight airplane.

After retiring from a prestigious career in Marketing in 2003, Bruce teamed up with EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) to launch Light Sport – a new category of flight.

He received his private pilot license in 2005 and went on to hold various FBO positions, ranging from line positions to General Manager.

In 2013 Bruce became Owner/President/CEO of Triad Aviation Academy, LLC.

He holds a Master’s degree in business and marketing, and has served in various senior management positions for over 25 years for companies such as Campbell Soup, 7UP, Cadbury Schweppes, Phillip Morris.

In addition, he has served as SVP for a $20 billion dollar banking institution with over 10,000 employees.

Bruce has served on various boards of directors and served as Chairman of the Board for the Flight School Association of North America (FSANA) for the last 2 years. 

LINDA MCCALL, Senior VP Non-pilot programs

Aviation is also in Linda McCall’s blood.

Her father served as a career pilot in the United States Air Force, flying an RF- 4 Phantom in Vietnam and retiring with the rank of Lt. Colonel.

Linda has been with Triad Aviation Academy since 2014 and prior to her promotion to Senior VP, functioned as Office Manager for TAA.

She has an extensive background in business with approximately 10 years’ experience in employee training and meeting facilitation.

Prior to her time at TAA, she held various trainer/supervisor positions including her role as Customer Advocate Counselor for a $13 billion dollar banking/mortgage company conducting training programs for new hires 2004-2007.

Linda has a scientific side as well and is currently a Research Fellow with the University of Texas as well as Liaison to the Board of Directors for the internationally recognized Paleontological Society.

She has published 5 professional papers, presented at over 20 professional conferences and received several awards for her work.

Wendy StaffordWENDY STAFFORD, Director of our Flight Attendant Training and the program prototype founder, was a Flight Attendant with Delta Air Lines, Eastern Airlines and AirTran Airways.

She was Assistant to the Flight Attendant Base Manager at ATA in Orlando for 2 years and Flight Attendant Manager in the pre-certification process of Sunbird Airways, a start-up airline.

Wendy completed Flight Safety International’s Flight Attendant Recruiting program.

She has a 16-year background in psychiatric nursing, developing and implementing self-esteem programs and facilitating wellness workshops.

Wendy has been featured on CNN, Fox News, in The New York Times, CBC Radio One (NPR), and the Daily Buzz, The Evening News with Diane Sawyer, and has been widely quoted, including comments in the best-selling book “Flying High – How JetBlue Founder and CEO David Neeleman Beats the Competition” by James Wynbrandt, and “In the Event of a Water Landing” by Michael G. Walling.

Ms. Stafford is a current member of Women in Aviation.

KIMBERLY EVERETT, Director of Admissions and Instructor.

Shw was a Flight Attendant for American Trans Air (ATA), a charter airline, for twenty-one years.

Kimberly has been all over the world and had the opportunity to grow within the charter airline with several advancements.

She was promoted to lead flight attendant on military trips, flying troops to the middle east after 9-11 and taking part in celebrating their victories.

She was also chosen to fly presidential candidates as well as other VIPs.

Kimberly had a previous background in sales, and she enjoys attracting and enrolling students, participating in their career growth in the aviation industry.

CAMILLE BROWN, Instructor.

Shw is a current Flight Attendant at PSA Airlines. Camille is a former student of ours and was hired from class by PSA Airlines, where she has been a Flight Attendant for the past seven years and has been promoted to Check Flight Attendant.

She worked in administration in corporate America for over 20 years, in a law firm, an advertising agency and brokerage firm.

She volunteered in the New York school system and holds an associate degree in Liberal Arts from Berkeley College in Manhattan.


She is a current Flight Attendant at PSA Airlines.

Mackenzie is a former student and a capable instructor who has a special ability to relate to students.

She has an extensive customer service background in the retail industry.

She is a current student at Forsyth Technical Community College.

Mackenzie has a goal to visit many places and is “living the dream right now”.