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Upon registering for the program, you will be asked to place a deposit and/or pay in full for the Flight Attendant Career Training.

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Flight Attendant Career Training cannot be held responsible for any other costs incurred by students.

The student will indemnify and hold harmless Flight Attendant Career Training if situations or circumstances arise that do not allow the student to attend the entire Flight Attendant Career Training course.

The student will also indemnify and hold harmless Flight Attendant Career Training and Triad Aviation Academy, LLC if situations or circumstances occur that necessitate changes in the facilitation of the course.

This class in no way guarantees that an individual will receive employment with an airline.

The purpose of the Flight Attendant Career Training program is to provide the prospective airline applicant with insight and information to aid in the pursuit of employment through the interview process used by many airlines.

While attendance at our class does not guarantee that an airline will consider you for employment, course completion is designed to better inform and prepare you for the interview and training, therefore increasing your chances of being hired.